Have you tried giving first?

Are you trying to build a business? It seems that everyone out there wants something from you.  Don’t be a part of that crowd.  Need to build a list?  Give something away that no one else has.  Be truly helpful.

People soon learn whom they can trust and whom they can’t.  If your free offers come with too many  “catches,” it will not be long before your offers are not even opened. Forget about trying to get. Just focus on giving and it shall be given to you.

You are special and unique. You need to pattern your marketing  after your own unique skills and abilities.  Don’t tell me that you have none.  If you have been studying for at least a very short time then you know something that can help someone else.

You cannot be like that guru that you are looking up to, but you can be your very best self.  That self will keep improving with skills and abilities and given enough time you may just be glad that you are YOU!

Learn from others but be yourself.  Then you can sleep at night instead of being afraid that someone will “find you out.”

Remember,  give first, find ways to be helpful, and it will come back to you, good measure, pressed down and shaken together.  If that sounds familiar it is because it is a Biblical principle.  It works.

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